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Our track record through the years has paved the way for the dependable order fulfillment our customers can count on.


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What We Do

For over half a century, chippers across the country have come to know that when they need quality potatoes delivered on time, E. K. Bare & Sons, Inc., will come through.


Your procurement consultant can work with you on creating the best strategy for a year round potato supply.


Your procurement consultant can help you manage your year round potato supply.


Our logistics team can work with you to ensure affordable on-time delivery of your potato supply.


The center of agricultural and procurement data management.

Available Products

Round White Chipping Potatoes
EKBare sources the highest quality round white chipping potato varieties from over 90 growers around the country. Year round supply from many different regions ensures the most competitive delivered prices and quality to our customers. Regardless of how small or large your volume is, we can supply your potato chip, fry or stick facility with round white chipping potatoes. We have LTL options and self unloading trailers as needed.
Sweet Potatoes
EKBare has year round sweet potato supply available from North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Canada and other growing regions. We specialize in orange flesh varieties like Beauregard, Covington and Orleans, but have others available. Let us help you source this rapidly growing market segment.
Certified Organic Potatoes
EKBare offers chipping varities and sweet potatoes that are USDA certified organic. There are different harvest and shipping windows depending on the variety and type of potato. Contact us to discuss the most favorable shipping window for the organic varieties. As this market grows, we hope to continually expand our shipping windows.
BioTech Potatoes
In an effort to keep ahead of the curve in sustainability and quality, we have partnered with certain growers to source Innate® potatoes from Simplot. Generation 1 Atlantics have up to 70% less acrylamide and up to 40% reduced blackspot bruise and browning. Generation 1 traits help farms and processors reduce waste and improve quality. Traits like late blight resistance and lower storing temperatures are coming in future generations.
Seed Potatoes
Seed potatoes are available for most major chipping varieties available for delivery to most growing areas east of the Mississippi. We source our seed from high quality growers in New England and Canada.
Specialty Varieties
EKBare sources many different types of russet, red flesh and blue flesh potatoes. Let us know what you need for your specialty runs and niche markets.

Whether you want complete control over your direct shipments or you would rather outsource your potato procurement, EKBare has a service that's a perfect fit for you. No matter how your supply chain is structured, EKBare makes you a better buyer, enabling you to spend more time on decisions and tasks that add value to your organization.

Supply Chain Management
  • Specify the volume allocation
  • Pick the growers you want to work with
  • You sign and we service your contracts
  • We enter your supply chain data in Medius
  • You specify your total volume needs
  • Work directly with a procurement consultant to plan a year round supply
  • We negotiate and sign the contracts
  • We set it up in Medius and provide you the most optimum year round supply program
Self Service
  • Your own transportation connections
  • We help organize the logistics of delivery
  • Use online tools to manage your transport
Full Service
  • Utilize our expert year-round potato haulers
  • We handle the logistics of loading and delivery
  • Use online tools to manage your transport

EKBare provides its suppliers and customers 24/7 access to their volume, contracts, quality and more.  All powered by medius ®.


About us

Started in 1948 by two potato-farming brothers, we are one of the nation's most experienced wholesale potato suppliers. We know how critical the delivery of one truckload can be in the chip manufacturing industry. It is that understanding and concern that has contributed to many solid, long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Bob Horst

Procurement Consultant

Ragen Horst

Operations Manager

Bradley Halladay

Software Engineer

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"A real [potato] chip, a magnificent chip, is a disorderly thing, as nature intended; it should be twisted, looped, curled, roused to geometric passion by its violent demise in the fry pot. It should carry battle scars…Most supremely important: that sucker should taste like a freakin’ potato." - David Rosengarten

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